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Create the ideal environment at the lowest cost. Your tenants will thank you.


Whether you operate a single use facility, or a sprawling complex of mixed use space, you need to lower capital expenses, reduce operating costs, attract premier tenants and keep them happy. Dominion Energy Management delivers solutions that create safe, profitable, energy efficient commercial buildings.
Our integrated building management systems allow you to:
  • Increase profits by maximizing energy efficiency and decreasing utility costs.

  • Attract and retain tenants with flexible space utilization and personalized indoor environments.

  • Realize energy savings up to 30% for both building renovation and new construction.

  • Meet mandated energy directives

  • Meet corporate social responsibility goals

  • Increase property value, and occupancy & rental rates

Our integrated solutions are less expensive to design, install, and operate. We offer a single point of control for a broad range of building systems including access control, video security, fire protection, HVAC, and lighting. This enables you to maximize efficiencies and quickly adapt to change in space utilization and energy needs; all of which adds up to lower operating costs.

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