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Building Management Solutions

The demand for safer, healthier, energy efficient buildings is growing. What is your building doing about it?

Building owners are facing increasingly difficult challenges. You're expected to comply with energy and security directives and cut costs at the same time. How do you satisfy these competing interests? Easy, just tap our building industry expertise and put your building to work for you. Dominion Energy Management offers intelligent building solutions that lower capital expenses and reduce operating costs while improving the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your building. And the simplicity and efficacy of our solutions give you peace of mind so you're free to focus on your core business.

Dominion Energy Management's intelligent building solutions:


·         HVAC Retrofit and New Additions

·         HVAC Design / Build

·         Refrigeration

·         Controls

·         Mechanical Equipment

·         Preventative Maintenance


·         Renovation and Addition work

·         Repair and Replacement work


·         High Voltage wiring

·         Lighting Controls

·         Lighting Design

·         Design / Build Services

·         Preventative Maintenance

·         Ballast Replacement

Access Control

·         Card Access

·         Closed Circuit Television

·         Security System Design and Maintenance

Facility Project Management Solutions

·         Multiple Service Vendor Management

Equipment Parts and Sales


It’s time to boost your building’s IQ. To find out how our intelligent building solutions can reduce building costs and enhance energy efficiency, comfort, convenience and safety, contact us.

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