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Government and Military

Dominion Energy Management provides HVAC solutions that government and the military can count on.

Dominion Energy Management has extensive experience bringing high-efficiency HVAC solutions to various government entities including local, state and federal organizations. Well versed in government purchasing details, regulations and requirements, Dominion Energy Management professionals ensure a smooth and compliant process throughout a project.

Dominion Energy Management is a well-established partner to assist with General Services Administration (GSA), Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) as well as everyday operations, maintenance and construction. With a wide selection of energy-efficient systems to meet a variety of applications, Dominion Energy Management delivers the kind of performance units that meet government needs today and tomorrow. Services that government can count on:

  • Achieve low total cost of ownership with Dominion Energy Management Energy units by Schneider Electric that deliver quality and value

  • Energy-efficient Schneider Electric units

  • Factory installed options

  • Ideal for retrofit and new construction

  • Work in concert with key architectural and engineering firms.

  • Comprehensive range of vital monitoring, technical maintenance, energy efficiency and operational support services.
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