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Services for Educational Facilities

Improve your learning environment while controlling rising energy costs.

Making your school or campus successful begins with keeping instructors and students comfortable in class. Dominion Energy Management's team of education specialists can develop a solution that addresses your indoor air quality while reducing monthly energy costs.

Dominion Energy Management has pioneered reliable, innovative heating and cooling systems. Today we concentrate on creating systems that help schools improve their success. Reduce your districts spending now and for the future with:
  • High-efficiency unitary commercial HVAC systems including ENERGY STAR® qualified products.

  • Reduce energy bills with optional components such as economizers and NEMA premium-efficiency blower motors.

  • Cut maintenance hours with easy-access designs, such as slide-out blower assemblies and hinged access panels.

  • Control humidity and improve indoor air quality

  • Signal problems before they begin with products that help avoid system failure and lost productivity.

  • Tailor your building HVAC system with supplemental heating products and advanced control systems to keep
    teachers, students and staff comfortable.

  • Years of trouble-free performance with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Systems.

Smart Replacement Solutions

Dominion Energy Management works with schools to provide a wide range of replacement services to protect the comfort of students and staff and avoid disruptive downtime.

Dominion Energy Management’s emergency replacement includes:

  • Fast delivery of equipment if your existing HVAC system fails.

  • Replacement equipment to provide backup heating and cooling during maintenance.

  • Immediate availability at locations across North America.

  • A unique distribution system that makes any product available in as little as 24-48 hours.

  • Customized HVAC units that meet your exact specifications, with a wide range of field-installed options and accessories.

  • Adaptor curb services when drop-in replacements aren’t appropriate.

  • Dominion Energy Management can work with you to develop a planned replacement program that will help your school get more out of its HVAC investment.

  • Dominion Energy Management’s planned replacement includes:

    • Evaluation of the cost of equipment installation, operation and maintenance.

    • Reduced spending on energy and maintenance.

    • Avoiding expensive downtime by virtually eliminating the need for emergency  replacement.

To learn more about solutions for meeting the comfort and indoor air quality requirements of teachers, students and staff contact us today.

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