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Intelligent Building Services

Expect a high level of efficiency from your building

Budgets are shrinking. Green legislation is becoming more prevalent globally. To compete in this rapidly changing environment, you need better performance from your building.
What if you could put your building to work for you to help solve these challenges?

Partner with Dominion Energy Management’s Buildings Business and we'll show you how. We can uncover the potential in your building and turn it into results. Results that address the business, environmental and regulatory issues that today challenge building owners worldwide. Results that can add up to a 30 percent reduction in energy costs.

Energy Edge Program

Energy Edge is a facilities improvement program that helps private entities like hotels and businesses reduce their energy costs and operating expenses over a short payback period. It offers immediate energy savings and an improved ROI.

Energy Performance Contracting helps publicly funded entities make capital improvements over longer payback periods. To remove the obstacle of how to fund this kind of large project which is often challenging for universities, a third party finances the identified improvements and Dominion Energy Management’s Buildings Business guarantees the energy savings.

Extended Energy Services includes long-term energy planning, energy remote monitoring, executive reporting, regular energy auditing and facility checkups.
This program can be uniquely tailored to the needs of end users in universities, healthcare, commercial offices and hotels.

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